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Portrait and music photographer Trevor Villers:

Trevor Villers is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Trevor takes photos of musicians and other performers… lots of them! Some of them already famous, others yet to be famous. He specialises in live concerts and festivals.

Known for his natural, unfettered style, Trevor’s images are free of affectation, uncontrived, authentic and typically expressive. A lifetime music fan, he has a natural affinity with musicians, and, through his lens, seeks to capture the essence of the people who bring us the music, whether it is the quiet reflection of Karen Bergquist or the frenetic energy of a typical Daniel Dumnov performance. His images invite the viewer to imagine what went on beyond the scene bound by the frame.

Trevor works freelance for a number of New Zealand music magazines and newspapers as well as lifestyle magazines and he is registered with the specialist European photographic agency Dalle (FR). His work has been published in a wide range of publications, as well as on websites and record promotions. A sample of his work is included within this website (for a full list of his subjects please browse portfolio).

Trevor prefers Canon® cameras and Kodak® film.

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